At the Time, in the Place is a documentary work where expressing tragedy acquires special importance in sound — the magnitude of volume and the intensity of suffering borne from the image itself. Nave travels to those enclaves where the terrorist organization ETA [Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Homeland and Freedom] has committed an attack since the 1970s to present, and subjects himself to the nature of the perpetrated incidents. On the same day, at the exact time, he appears on the precise scene of the event and takes a photograph. Both the framing and time of exposure reproduce the location and endurance of the event. Without the chance to choose the most adequate light or point of view, Nave captures raw reality. The photographs’ precision and their submission to the event have marked the project’s most existential feature, which even rejects all expressive value. At the Time, in the Place is a portrait of loss and absence, but above all it is the examination of a world snatched away. The emptiness of the images invites viewers to reconstruct the sounds of fear and horror. In them, the photograph becomes a sounding board. Each location acquires its condition as an illuminated historical skin, like a sensitive surface that retains traces and incisions. In a certain sense, it is an impressionable film where part of our memory remains recorded.
Eduardo Nave invites us to reflect on the silence and mutilation suffered by individuals and their surroundings through historical references, making his work achieve surprising dimensions. Undoubtedly, he immortalizes the symptom in the image, bringing forth the urgency of listening. As in his other series, it proves difficult not to notice a composer of visual requiems in the photographer’s gaze. His work articulates a personal symphony against forgetting, adopting a form of poem that mourns words divested of their power.

Mireia A. Puigventós

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  • 7-ENS-NO0006-1
    10:15 A.M. January 15, 1992. Gardens on Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Avenue, in front of the former Law College. Valencia. Manuel Broseta Pons. Full Professor of Trade Law, University of Valencia.
  • 7-ENS-NN0002-3
    8:10 A.M. January 21, 2000. In front of 5 Pizarra Street. Madrid. Pedro Antonio Blanco García. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NP0054-5
    8:15 P.M. January 27, 1979. Maiza Plaza. Etxarri–Aranatz, Nafarroa. Jesús Ulayar Liciaga. Salesman, former mayor of UCD.
  • 7-ENS-NP0012-2
    1:15 A.M. January 30, 1998. Intersection between Don Remondo and Cardenal Sanz y Fores Streets. Seville. Alberto Jiménez–Becerril Barrio. Councilman of the People's Party, Seville City Hall. Ascensión García Ortiz. Court Counsel.
  • 7-ENS-NP0016-3
    8:08 A.M. January 30, 1987. Plaza César Augusto. Saragossa. Ángel José Ramos Saavedra. Civilian Army driver. Manuel Rivera Sánchez. Commander of Engineers of the Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NN0013-1
    8:35 A.M. February 6, 1992. Cruz Verde Plaza. Madrid. Emilio Domingo Tejedor Fuentes. Captain of the Infantry, Land Army. Juan Antonio Nuñez Sánchez. Captain of the Cavalry. Ramón Carlos Navía Refojo. Captain of Artillery. Antonio Ricote Castillo. Radio Officer in the General Captaincy. Francisco Carrillo García. Soldier driver.
  • 7-ENS-NN0017-1
    10:20 A.M. February 6, 1986. Tambre Street. Madrid. Cristóbal Colón de Carvajal y Maroto. Vice Admiral of the Navy. Manuel Trigo Muñoz. Driver and civil servant of the Navy.
  • 5-ENS-NP0199-7
    1:50 P.M. February 6, 1996. Near 13 San Martí Street. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Fernando Múgica Herzog. Lawyer, member of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party.
  • 7-ENS-NP0021-3
    2:15 P.M. February 7, 1994. 106–108 Tenor Massini Street. Barcelona. Leopoldo García Campos. Coronel of the Infantry, Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NP0024-2
    12:35 A.M. February 10, 1992. Cronista Diego Rodríguez Almela Street. Murcia. Ángel García Rabadán. National policeman.
  • 7-ENS-NN0007-1
    Minutes after 2:30 P.M. February 10, 1997. 35 Menorca Street. Madrid. Rafael Martínez Emperador. Magistrate of the Supreme Court.
  • 7-ENS-NO0012-2
    11:50 A.M. February 11, 1997. Errementari Street. Tolosa, Gipuzkoa. Patxi Arratibel Fuentes. Businessman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0021-2
    9:30 P.M. February 12, 1983. Andia Street. Tolosa, Gipuzkoa. Joaquina Patricia Llanillo Borbolla. Housewife.
  • 7-ENS-NO0018-1
    9:20 P.M. February 12, 1979. 1 Bermeo Highway. Mungia, Bizkaia. César Pinilla Sanz. Local policeman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0032-1
    2:30 P.M. February 16, 1982. In front of the steps to Saint Mary's Church. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Benjamín Fernández Fernández. Retired Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0037-1
    8:10 P.M. February 19, 1992. Intersection between Albericia and Lavapies Streets. Santander. Eutimio Gómez Gómez. Heating repairman. Antonio Ricondo Somoza. Student. Julia Ríos Rioz. Baker.
  • 7-ENS-NP0062-0
    1:30 P.M. March 7, 2008. Near 6 Navas de Tolosa Street. Arrasate, Gipuzkoa. Isaías Carrasco Miguel. Former councilman from the Basque Socialist Party.
  • 5-ENS-NP01717-0
    7:30 P.M. March 16, 2010. Nearby Rue Cambot. Dammarie–lès–Lys, Ille de France. Jean–Serge Nérin. French Corporal of the Police.
  • 5-ENS-NP02117-1
    Around 11:00 P.M.
    April 6, 1990. 8 San Lorenzo Street. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Elena María Moreno Jiménez. Civilian. Miguel Paredes García. Civilian.
  • 7-ENS-NP0065-3
    8:10 A.M. April 19, 1995. Intersection between José Silva and Arturo Soria Streets. Madrid. Margarita González Mansilla. Housewife.
  • 7-ENS-NM0013-1
    7:20 A.M. April 25, 1986. Intersection between Juan Bravo and Príncipe de Vergara Streets. Madrid. Alberto Amancio Alonso Gómez. Civil Guard. Juan José Catón Vázquez. Civil Guard. Vicente Javier Domínguez González. Civil Guard. Juan Carlos González Rentero. Civil Guard. Juan Mateos Pulido. First Corporal of the Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0111-1
    6:20 P.M. May 6, 2001. 9 Cortes de Aragón Street. Saragossa. Manuel Giménez Abad. President of the People's Party in Aragon.
  • 5-ENS-NP02419-0
    11:45 P.M. May 9, 1978. Paseo de Gabriel Aresti, Polloe City Cemetery. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Miguel Ángel Íñigo Blanco. Civil Guard. Juan Marcos González. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0046-1
    7:35 A.M. May 20, 1996. Near 9 Carlos III Avenue. Cordoba. Miguel Ángel Ayllón Díaz–González. Military.
  • 7-ENS-NM0023-2
    8:25 A.M. May 24, 2001. Iza Street(former garage of the Matía Foundation). Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Santiago Oleaga Elejabarrieta. Financial Director of El Diario Vasco newspaper.
  • 7-ENS-NN0034-2
    9:14 A.M. May 25, 1979. 46 Corazón de María Street. Madrid. Jesús Ábalos Giménez. Coronel of the Army. Luis Gómez Borrego. National Defense, Employee. Luis Gómez Hortigüela. Lieutenant General of the Army. Agustín Laso Corral. Coronel of the Army.
  • 7-ENS-NM0027-1
    8:30 P.M. May 25, 1988. Entrance to Isasi Street. Eibar, Gipuzkoa. Sebastián Aizpiri Leyaristi. Businessman in hospitality.
  • 7-ENS-NM0033-1
    12:20 P.M. May 26, 1985. 6 Martikoena Street. Getxo, Bizkaia. Moisés Cosme Herrero Luengo. Inspector of the Senior Police Corp.
  • 7-ENS-NM0053-3
    7:30 P.M. May 29, 1991. Intersection between Andreu Ferrer Street and Paseo de la Generalitat. Vic, Barcelona. Juan Chincoa Alés. Civil Guard. Francisco Cipriano Díaz Sánchez. Student. Maudilia Duque Durán. Civilian. Ana Cristina Porras López. Student. María Pilar Quesada Araque. Student. Nuria Ribó Parera. Housewife. Rosa María Rosa Muñoz. Student. Vanessa Ruiz Lara. Student. Juan Salas Píriz. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NM0074-1
    9:55 A.M. June 12, 1985. 78 General Oraá Street. Madrid. Esteban del Amo García. Explosives Expert, National Police Corp. Juan García Jiménez. Army driver. Vicente Romero González–Calatayud. Coronel of the Military Law Corp, Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NM0077-1
    2:30 P.M. June 17, 1986. Near 38 Manzanares Avenue. Madrid. Francisco Casillas Martín. Soldier, Land Army. Ricardo Sáenz de Ynestrillas Martínez. Commander of the Land Army. Carlos Vesteiro Pérez. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NO0052-1
    8:16 A.M. June 21, 1993. In front of 61 Joaquín Costa Street. Madrid. Javier Baró Díaz de Figueroa. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army. José Manuel Calvo Alonso. First Sergeant of the Navy. José Alberto Carretero Sogel. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army. Fidel Dávila Garijo. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army. Domingo Olivo Esparza. Fleet Captain of the Navy. Pedro Robles López. Civilian driver, Ministry of Defense. Juan Romero Álvarez. Lieutenant Coronel of the Air Force.
  • 7-ENS-NO0056-1
    12:15 P.M. June 25, 1990. Foz de Lumbier. Nafarroa. José Luis Hervás Mañas. Seargant of the Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0068-1
    8:45 A.M. June 26, 1985. Mendiko Street. Amurrio, Araba. Estanislao Galíndez Llano. Mailman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0072-1
    7:50 A.M. June 27, 1983. 36 Bayona Avenue. Iruñea, Nafarroa. Jesús Blanco Cerecera. Chief of Communications, Noáin Airport.
  • 7-ENS-NO0078-1
    9:00 P.M. June 27, 1978. Bidebieta Neighborhood, entrance to Paseo de los Olmos. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Francisco Martín González. Seargant of the Armed Police.
  • 7-ENS-NM0084-1
    8:30 A.M. June 28 2001. Near 134 López de Hoyos Street. Madrid. Justo Oreja Pedraza. Lawyer and General of the Brigade, Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NO0081-3
    9:55 A.M. June 28, 1990. El Antiguo Neighborhood, near 20 Escolta Real Street. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Ignacio Urrutia Bilbao. Retired Captain of the Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NO0087-1
    11:30 A.M. July 5, 1975. Highway N–634, kilometer 40. Deba, Gipuzkoa. Carlos Arguimberri Elorriaga. Bus driver.
  • 7-ENS-NM0094-1
    8:45 P.M. July 10, 2001. Near 151 Ocaña Street. Madrid. Luis Ortiz de la Rosa. National policeman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0094-1
    4:50 P.M. July 12, 1997. Near 3 Miracampos Suburbs. Lasarte–Oria, Gipuzkoa. Miguel Ángel Blanco Garrido. Councilman of the People's Party.
  • 7-ENS-NM0100-1
    7:48 A.M. July 14, 1986. República Dominicana Plaza. Madrid. Carmelo Bella Álamo. Civil Guard. Juan Ignacio Calvo Guerrero. Civil Guard. José Calvo Gutiérrez. Civil Guard. Miguel Ángel Cornejo Ros. Civil Guard. Javier Esteban Plaza. Civil Guard. Andrés José Fernández Pertierra. Civil Guard. Jesús María Freixes Montes. Civil Guard. José Joaquín García Ruiz. Civil Guard. Miguel Ángel de la Higuera López. Civil Guard. Santiago Iglesias Godino. Civil Guard. Jesús Jiménez Jimeno. Civil Guard.Antonio Lancharro Reyes. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NM0103-4
    Around 8:30 A.M. July 21, 1978. In front of 16 Bristol Street. Madrid. José Antonio Pérez Rodríguez. Lieutenant Coronel of the Army. Juan Manuel Sánchez–Ramos Izquierdo. General of the Brigade.
  • 7-ENS-NO0105-2
    1:50 P.M. July 30, 2009. Diego Salvá Lezaun Street. Palmanova, Balearic Islands. Carlos Enrique Sáenz de Tejada García. Civil Guard. Diego Salvá Lezáun. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0116-1
    8:30 P.M. August 4, 2002. Plaza Diputación. Barracks of the Civil Guard. Santa Pola, Alicante. Cecilio Gallego Alaminos. Retiree. Silvia Martínez Santiago. Student.
  • 7-ENS-NO0127-1
    1:30 P.M. August 13, 1979. Intersection between General Castaños and Gregorio Uzquiano Streets. Portugalete, Bizkaia. Manuel Ferreira Simois. Local policeman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0130-3
    6:10 A.M. August 20, 2000. Valle de Tena Plaza. Sallent de Gállego, Huesca. Irene Fernández Perera. Civil Guard. José Ángel de Jesús Encinas. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0136-1
    7:30 A.M. August 21, 1988. Intersection between Paseo de la Inmaculada and Yerri Avenue. Lizarra, Nafarroa. Antonio Fernández Álvarez. Civil Guard. José Antonio Ferri Pérez. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0169-0
    4:30 P.M. September 2, 1992. 32 Paseo de la Estación. Salamanca. Antonio Heredero Gil. Coronel of the Cavalry, Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NO0148-1
    5:45 P.M. September 10, 1986. Los Gudaris Street. Ordizia, Gipuzkoa. María Dolores González Catarain (Yoyes). Former member of the ETA military.
  • 7-ENS-NO0155-2
    12:45 P.M. September 23, 1979. “The Clocks” along Paseo de la Concha. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Lorenzo González–Vallés Sánchez. General and Military Governor.
  • 7-ENS-NO0156-3
    10:30 P.M. September 29, 1980. 8 San Prudencio Street. Vitoria–Gasteiz, Araba. José Ignacio Ustarán Ramírez. Party member of the Union of the Democratic Center (UCD).
  • 7-ENS-NO0175-1
    Around 2:00 P.M. October 13, 1978. Road to former St. Mary's Hospital. Bilbao, Bizkaia. José Benito Díaz García. National policeman.
  • 7-ENS-NO0176-3
    Around 4:00 P.M. October 13, 1997. Ertzaina José María Aguirre Plaza. Bilbao, Bizkaia. José María Aguirre Larraona. Ertzaina, Basque police corp.
  • 7-ENS-NO0172-2
    Around 8:00 P.M. October 18, 1975. Near 15 San Inazio Street. Zarautz, Gipuzkoa. Manuel López Treviño. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0162-4
    9:10 A.M. October 30, 2000. On the corner of Torrelaguna Street and Badajoz Avenue. Madrid. Jesús Escudero García. National policeman. Armando Medina Sánchez. Driver, Official Motor Brigade of the Ministries. José Francisco de Querol y Lombardero. Magistrate of the Supreme Court.Jesús Sánchez Martínez. Busdriver.
  • 10noviembre
    November 10th. The only day on any given year when ETA has not committed an attack with a death toll.
  • 7-ENS-NO0187-3
    After 6:00 P.M. November 15, 1989. Near 50 Uribarri Street. Bilbao, Bizkaia. Ignacio Bañuelos Lasso. Street salesman.
  • 7-ENS-NL0014-1
    9:45 A.M. November 16, 1978. In front of 130 Claudio Coello Street. Madrid. José Francisco Mateu Cánoves. Magistrate of the Supreme Court.
  • 7-ENS-NL0019-1
    5:15 P.M. November 17, 1989. Carlos V Roundabout. Madrid. José Martínez Moreno. Lieutenant Coronel of the Land Army.
  • 7-ENS-NO0192-6
    8:15 A.M. November 22, 1993. In the vicinity of 1 Tívoli Street. Bilbao, Bizkaia. Joseba Goikoetxea Asla. Seargant Major of the Ertzaintza, Basque police.
  • 7-ENS-NN0040-2
    11:57 P.M. November 22, 1988. General Headquarters of the Civil Guard, between San Francisco de Sales and Santander Streets. Madrid. Jaime Bilbao Iglesias. Director of Spanish Public Television and Radio. Luis Delgado Villalonga. Civilian, minor of age.
  • 7-ENS-NO0201-4
    8:40 A.M. November 25, 1985. Near 1 Serapio Múgica Street. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. José Manuel Ibarzábal Duque. Petty Officer, Navy. Rafael Melchor García. First Corporal Radio Officer, Navy.
  • 7-ENS-NO0212-3
    Shortly after 9:00 A.M. November 27, 1980. Intersection between Urdaneta and Easo Streets. Donostia, Gipuzkoa. Miguel Garciarena Baraibar.
    Lieutenant Coronel, Chief of the City Police.
  • 7-ENS-NO0205-4
    9:45 P.M. November 27, 1980. Near 5 Ollerías Street. Logroño, La Rioja. Carlos Fernández Valcárcel. Inspector of the Police. Joaquín Martínez Simón. Industrialist. Miguel Ángel San Martín Fernández. Salesman.
  • 7-ENS-NN0043-3
    9:20 A.M. December 1, 2007. Parking lot to “Les Ecureuils” Cafeteria. Capbreton, Aquitaine. Raúl Centeno Bayón. Civil Guard. Fernando Trapero Blázquez. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0217-3
    Shortly after 5:00 P.M. December 8, 1990. Intersection between Josep Aparici and Ribot i Serra Streets. Sabadell, Barcelona. Ramón Díaz García. National Police. Juan José Escudero Ruiz. National Police. Juan Gómez Salar. National Police. Eduardo Hidalgo Carzo. National Police. Miguel Marcos Martínez. National Police. Francisco Pérez Pérez. National Police.
  • 7-ENS-NO0219-4
    6:10 A.M. December 11, 1987. Esperanza Park (former barracks of the Civil Guard). Zaragoza. Pedro Ángel Alcaraz Martos. Civilian. José Ignacio Ballarín Cazaña. First Corporal of the Civil Guard. Silvia Ballarín Gay. Student. Esther Barrera Alcaraz. Civilian, minor in age. Miriam Barrera Alcaraz. Civilian, minor in age. Rocío Capilla Franco. Student. Emilio Capilla Tocado. Civil Guard. María Del Carmen Fernández Muñoz. Housewife. María Dolores Franco Muñoz. Housewife. José Julián Pino Arriero. First Seargant of the Civil Guard. Silvia Pino Fernández. Student.
  • 7-ENS-NL0026-2
    2:50 P.M. December 11, 1995. Intersection between Paz Avenue and Peña Prieta Street. Madrid. Manuel Carrasco Almansa. Worker, Navy. Santiago Esteban Junquer. Administrative Civil Servant of the Navy. José Ramón Intriago Esteban. Mechanic, Navy. Florentino López del Castillo. Mechanic Driver, Navy. Félix Ramos Bailón. Mechanic, Navy. Martín Rosa Varela. Official Driver, Navy.
  • 7-ENS-NO0229-5
    10:50 A.M. December 14, 2000. Intersection between Ponent Road and General Milans del Bosch Street. Terrassa, Barcelona. Francisco Cano Consuegra. Viladecavalls Town Councilman of the People's Party.
  • 7-ENS-NN0050-1
    3:50 P.M. December 17, 2002. Around kilometer 38, Highway A–6 to Madrid. Collado Villalba, Madrid. Antonio Molina Martín. Civil Guard.
  • 7-ENS-NO0232-4
    7:45 A.M. December 20, 2000. Intersection between Diagonal Avenue and Numancia Street. Barcelona. Juan Miguel Gervilla Valladolid. Agent, City Guard of Barcelona.
  • 7-ENS-NN0053-1
    9:00 A.M. December 20, 1973. In front of 104 Claudio Coello Street. Madrid. Juan Antonio Bueno Fernández. Inspector of the Police Corp General. Luis Carrero Blanco. President of Government. José Luis Pérez Mogena. Driver of the motorcade.
  • 7-ENS-NO0240-4
    Shortly before 9:00 A.M. December 30, 2006. Parking lot, Terminal 4 at Barajas Airport, 4th Floor, Building D. Madrid. Diego Armando Estacio Sivisapa. Construction worker. Carlos Alonso Palate Sailema. Employee, plastics factory.
Conde Duque. Contemporary Culture Center

Madrid. Spain

December 2014